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Type Registered in Registration number Aircraft builder First Flight Crashed Location
AN-12 Liberia EL-ASA Antonov 01-01-63 Y District of Luanda
IL-76MD Russia RA-76672 Ilyushin 01-01-83 Y Kabul Airport (KBL) Afganistan
IL-76MD Ukraine UR-76415 Ilyushin 01-01-87 Y 4,4km(2,8mls)ENE of Asmara-Yohannes Airp.Eritrea
IL-76TD Bulgaria LZ-INK Ilyushin 00-00-00 Y nr Bakhtaran, Iran.
IL-76TD Russia RA-76752 Ilyushin 00-00-00 Y Petropavlovsk, Kamchatski
Bac 1-11-201AC United Kingdom G-ASJI British Aircr.Corp. 22-12-64 Y Zaire
TU-04B Comm.Ind.States CCCP-42444 Tupolev Y Vrukovo
BN-2A Mk.lll-2 Trislander Vanuatu YJ-RV3 Britten-Norman Trislander 21-02-73 Y Vanuatu
Bac 1-11-208AL Eire EI-ANG British Aircr.Corp. 24-07-65 Y Kaduna, Nigeria
Vickers 708 Viscount United Kingdom G-ARBY Vickers 27-05-53 Y Ottery St.Mary, Devon, UK.

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