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Type Registered in Registration number Aircraft builder First Flight Crashed Location
DC-9-87 Austria OE-LMO McDonnell-Douglas 1-2-1990 N
DC-9-87 Sweden SE-DMA McDonnell-Douglas 15-9-1991 Y Airport of Linate, Milan
DC-9-87 Sweden SE-DIU McDonnell-Douglas 1-10-1994 N
DC-9-87 Spain EC-FEZ McDonnell-Douglas 14-6-1991 N
DC-9-87 Spain EC-FEY McDonnell-Douglas 21-6-1991 N
DC-9-87 Spain EC-FFA McDonnell-Douglas 10-5-1991 N
DC-9-87 Denmark OY-KHU McDonnell-Douglas 1-12-1991 N
DC-9-87 Norway LN-RMP McDonnell-Douglas 1-12-1991 N
DC-9-87 Norway LN-RMU McDonnell-Douglas 22-1-1992 N
DC-9-87 Denmark OY-KHW McDonnell-Douglas 18-3-1992 N


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