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Type Registered in Registration number Aircraft builder First Flight Crashed Location
Vickers 708 Viscount United Kingdom G-ARBY Vickers 27-05-53 Y Ottery St.Mary, Devon, UK.
814 Germany D-ANAD Vickers 15-12-58 N
Vickers 708 Viscount France F-BGNT Vickers 16-06-54 N
838 Ghana 9G-AAW Vickers 07-10-61 Y nr. Stockholm, Sweden.
736 Trinidad & Tobago VP-TBY Vickers 08-11-55 Y Frankfurt, West Germany.
701 Brasil PP-SRI Vickers 10-04-53 N
498/1A United Kingdom G-AGRV Vickers 30-03-46 N
498/1A United Kingdom G-AGRW Vickers 27-07-46 N
745D Colombia HK-1057 Vickers 17-04-56 N
Vickers 708 Viscount United Kingdom G-ARER Vickers 03-07-53 Y Clemont Ferrand, France.

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