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Type Registered in Registration number Aircraft builder First Flight Crashed Location
IL-76MD Russia RA-76672 Ilyushin 01-01-83 Y Kabul Airport (KBL) Afganistan
IL-76TA Russia RA-76483 Ilyushin 00-00-00 N
IL-76MD Ukraine UR-UCT Ilyushin 00-00-00 N
IL-76MD Iraq YI-ANC Ilyushin 00-00-00 N
IL-76MD Ukraine UR-76698 Ilyushin N
IL-76MD Ukraine UR-76700 Ilyushin 00-00-00 N
1126 Galaxy Switzerland HB-IUT Galaxy 00-00-00 N
CASA 235-10 South Africa ZS-OGG Casa/Nurtanio 01-04-89 N
DHC-5-Buffalo Zambia Z-SRD deHavilland 01-01-67 N
IL-62 Czech Republic OK-ZBC Ilyushin N

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