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Type Registered in Registration number Aircraft builder First Flight Crashed Location
IL-78MD Belarus EW-78799 Ilyushin N
IL-76TD Bulgaria LZ-INK Ilyushin 00-00-00 Y nr Bakhtaran, Iran.
IL-76TD Russia RA-76787 Ilyushin 00-00-00 N
IL-76MD Russia 78820 Ilyushin 31-10-89 N
IL-76TD Russia RA-76752 Ilyushin 00-00-00 Y Petropavlovsk, Kamchatski
AN-22 Comm.Ind.States CCCP-67691 Antonov N
CASA 235-10 South Africa ZS-OGE Casa/Nurtanio 13-10-88 N
AN-22 Ukraine UR-64460 Antonov N
ATR 42-312 Germany D-BAAA Aerospatiale/Aeritalia 02-10-86 N
Bac 1-11-201AC United Kingdom G-DBAF British Aircr.Corp. 31-10-64 N

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